Nursing lies at the very heart of humankind's commitment to caring for one another. <br /><span><em>Archbishop Desmond Tutu</em></span> Nurses...transforming our health-care system into one that is more patient-centered, accessible, equitable, and affordable. I defy the tyranny of precedent.... I go for anything new that might improve the past. <br /><span><em>Clara Barton</em></span>
Hillman Innovations in Care Program: <br>Date Change for Full Proposal Invitation

Hillman Innovations in Care Program:
Date Change for Full Proposal Invitation

Due to the large volume of responses to the Request for Proposals, the Hillman Innovations in Care program will notify applicants of their status on June 2, 2014, not on May 25, 2014, as previously announced.   Read More

Hillman Foundation Announces New <br/><u>Innovations In Care</u> Program

Hillman Foundation Announces New
Innovations In Care Program

Five-year, multi-million dollar initiative will support transformative, nursing-driven models of care   Read More


Nursing-Driven Innovation
Improving Lives

Nurses stand at the eye of the storm that is our current health-care crisis. It is a unique vantage, demanding an intimacy not only with the difficulties—and rewards—of hands-on patient care, but with the challenges presented to patients and their caregivers by economic uncertainty and irresolute public policy. 

In response, nurses are leading innovative efforts to improve care in hospitals, homes, clinics and communities—wherever patients are in need.

The Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation cultivates nurse leaders, supports nursing research and innovations, and disseminates new models of care—all critical to transforming our health-care system into one that is more patient-centered, accessible, equitable, and affordable; one that delivers the high-quality care patients need and deserve.

Learn more about the Rita & Alex Hillman Foundation and our approach to nursing-driven innovation.



A Great Start

Kaitlin Best is using her Hillman Scholarship in Nursing Innovation to launch a career devoted to improving care in pediatric intensive care.

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Transitioning to better care

A Hillman grant is helping Mary Naylor, PhD, FAAN, RN, and her research team at Penn test a new medical home model with a special emphasis on care transitions.

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