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Ruth Lubic Event Reminder

by: Linda Le | Wed, Feb 26, 2014 |

Just a final reminder that the Hillman Alumni Nursing Network (HANN) Winter Roundtable, "Nursing as a Force for Change" featuring Ruth Lubic will take place tomorrow, Thursday, February 27th from 5:30PM - 7:30PM at NYU. Please email final RSVPs by the end of the day today. We look forward to seeing you there!

As a prelude to this special event, here is a hip-hop video, A New Dawn, which honors the pioneering work of this remarkable woman:


We've received some great responses to the "What Inspires You" question, you can find the submissions posted here and here. Here's one more from Linda D'Andrea, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Director of the Hillman Alumni Nursing Network.

Thanks again to those who shared their inspirations, we look forward to many more thoughtful and engaging discussions in the future!

Linda D'Andrea, University of Pennsylvania MSN, 1999

"In thinking about this question, it is so difficult to pinpoint just one thing, because there are so many things that inspire me in my work as a nurse practitioner with pediatric oncology patients.  My goal is always to make things better for my patients and their families.  For different patients, this means different things.  For the school aged child who has to receive high dose chemotherapy but is nauseous and wants to go to karate class, it is finding the right anti-nausea regimen. For the brave, scared young adult facing the end of his life, it is to ensure dignity, ease pain, and be present.  At times the intervention is simple, but difficult to dissever.  I often think back to one simple story that taught me so much.  A preschool aged little girl was recovering from brain surgery.  She was difficult to console and no one could figure out why.  She would not answer questions asked by the staff or her parents, but seems agitated.  She appeared to be trying to scratch herself.  Upon further examination, she wasn't scratching just anywhere, but was consistently scratching near a bandaid on her arm, where she once had an IV, so we helped her remove the bandaid and were about to throw it out when she became even more agitated, so we handed her back the bandaid and watched as she placed the bandaid over the large surgical dressing on her skull and quickly and quietly fell off to sleep. 

What inspires me?  Taking the time to find the booboo, because it might not always seem like the obvious choice, and try to make it better."


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