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RAHF Scholar/ Fellow News: Matthew Lee & Linda Kang

by: Linda Le | Mon, Feb 17, 2014 |

Hillman Innovation Fellowship recipients Matthew Lee and Linda Kang have garnered some attention as of late.

Matthew and Linda were awarded the Hillman Innovation Fellowship for AppHappy, a mobile game project focused on stress management and mental health promotion. Towards the end of the last semester The Daily Pennsylvanian, a campus newspaper, wrote about their work (article here).

More notable is a recent honor by the International Game Developers Association which named Matthew as one of its 2014 IGDA Scholars (a select cohort of the 15 “most promising students studying anything related to game development" from around the world) for his work with virtual worlds and developing games for health. It is one of the highest awards any student involved with gaming can receive. This award will grant Matthew a full-access pass to the Game Developers Conference in March, the largest and most prestigious gathering of game industry professionals, access to industry mentors and innovators, and a chance to present his work to an audience of some of the game industry's top designers and executives.

Congratulations to Matthew and Linda for their innovative work in healthcare!


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