Letter from the Executive Director

The last year has been a busy one: new grantees, new funding partners, new programs, new opportunities.

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Knowledge that Matters

Looking for resources that can build your capacity to make health care innovation possible?

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Our Focus

Improving the lives of patients and their families through nurse-led innovation

From Florence Nightingale to Lillian Wald, from Ruth Lubic to Mary Naylor, nurses from across the spectrum of care have advanced practical innovations that have improved both the quality of care and the quality of life for incalculable numbers of patients.

Operating at the nexus of medical science, health care delivery, and the lives of people at their most vulnerable, nurses are uniquely positioned to generate solutions to major problems that will affect the health and health care of populations throughout the 21st century.

The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation’s grantmaking strategy focuses on three key areas: education, research, and implementation. Specifically, we seek to:

  • Cultivate a new generation of nurse innovators;

  • Equip young nurse researchers with the broad, interdisciplinary skill sets necessary to lead change in health care;

  • Support innovations with a high potential for patient impact;

  • Encourage the rapid development of promising research;

  • Promote the translation of tested innovations into policy and practice; and

  • Ensure that significant innovations reach the greatest number of patients.

One day, the Hillman Scholars we support will become the innovators we fund, and their breakthroughs will lead to better health and health care for all.